DEC 14 The Archaeology Society Christmas Party!

The Sliding Rock

Newcastle Road, Galway, Ireland

We are all seeking that which Indiana Jones is seeking.  Justice.

A pint after a productive semester of studying rock art, wedge tomb distribution, viewshed anaylsis of cairns, strolling elite landscapes, and scratching at the surface of capitalist impositions. That is what I call justice.

Or is it an escape from his father he is seeking?

Escape from family obligations with the ArchSoc Christmas Party!

Or is it the perfect woman?

We can’t help you there, as Helen Mirren can’t make it to the party.

or perhaps just good drink?

Anyway, Sliding Rock at 7 til late on the 14th! Be there, or be one of those people that isn’t committed to building a community around the subject we all love dearly. (You are the worst and I hope your dissertation reflects that)

Yuo can’t afFORD to miss it!


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