EGM on Monday, 29th February at 4:30pm



Hello all,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must elect a Secretary for the remainder of this term, which ends, according to the constitution, on 30 June. Our EGM will be held on 29 February at 4:30 pm in Meeting Room 2 in Bailey Allen Hall, which is on the balcony just above the SocsBox.

Duties of the secretary include taking notes and writing up minutes of the Committee meetings (roughly once a week), corresponding through email and facebook message with speakers, members and the public, and having a lot of fun with probably the best committee on campus this year.

It is important we get as much Society participation as possible for this, as it does impact our direction for the rest of the term. Also, please consider submitting your name as a candidate for secretary on the day, especially if you’re interested in being on the committee next year, it would be a good taster for how things work.

You are also cordially welcome to stay for the committee meeting immediately following the EGM, again it’s a great way to get a feel for how the committee is run, and it will help you decide that you need to be a part of this next year! Just a reminder, the AGM will be coming up soon, stay tuned for details!

See you all Monday!
Mary Pereira
Vice Auditor

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