ArchSoc Photo-Quiz Competition: Image for this week posted!

The Image for week number 9 of our Photo Quiz is now posted. Simply identify the site correctly and submit your answer here to win a prize. Enter competition here. Thanks to all who entered last semester. The answer to the last quiz was “Royal coat of Arms, located behind the quadrangle at NUIG” Congratulations to all who identified the site – Remember this is an ongoing weekly quiz and it’s never too late to enter, even if you miss a week or two you’ll still be in with a chance of winning. Every week we will be adding a new Image of an archaeological site chosen randomly from around […]

Arch Soc Presents Dr Niall Brady ‘Excavations at Ballintober Castle, Co. Roscommon, and the Castles in Communities field school project’.

Tuesday, January 19 at 7 PM Niall is former project director with the Discovery Programme, where he led the Medieval Rural Settlement Project, 2002-10, and where he directed research excavations at Tulsk Fort, Co. Roscommon. He has now returned to Roscommon to conduct further research into the medieval period, and collaborates with American colleagues as part of the Castles in Communities archaeological and anthropological fieldschool project. In this talk, Niall will present some of the findings from their successful 2015 season, where work has begun on excavating among the substantial ruins of Ballintober Castle, built by Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster in the early 1300s. Followed by refreshments at […]

DEC 14 The Archaeology Society Christmas Party!

DEC 14  The Archaeology Society Christmas Party Monday, December 14 at 7:00pm Show Map The Sliding Rock Newcastle Road, Galway, Ireland We are all seeking that which Indiana Jones is seeking.  Justice. A pint after a productive semester of studying rock art, wedge tomb distribution, viewshed anaylsis of cairns, strolling elite landscapes, and scratching at the surface of capitalist impositions. That is what I call justice. Or is it an escape from his father he is seeking? Escape from family obligations with the ArchSoc Christmas Party! Or is it the perfect woman? We can’t help you there, as Helen Mirren can’t make it to the party. or perhaps just good […]

NOV 24 ArchSoc Presents: Sleepy Hollow

NUIG Archaeology Society.   ArchSoc Presents: Sleepy Hollow November 24, 2015, 7:00pm AC 204 Their heads weren’t found severed. Their heads were not found at all. ArchSoc presents a movie that investigates the clash of science and myth in the struggle for the truth. So basically, it most definitely relates to archaeology. Scarves are a must, and anyone who can get in contact with Christopher Walken, please extend an invite. I heard Johnny Depp is too busy unfortunately, and Christina Ricci can’t make it. View on Facebook

Archaeology Society Presents a Lecture by Catherine Swift

Archaeology Society presents a lecture by Lecturer in Irish Studies at University College Limerick Catherine Swift entitled “Clans, Crannógs and Clachans: Examining Medieval Archaeological Evidence through the Lens of Irish Kinship Vocabulary.” Tuesday, November 17 at 7:15am   IN AC204 NUIG (Main Concourse) Refreshments to follow at Sliding Rock. All welcome! *Please note the time change from 7pm to 7.15pm.*