Rescheduled AGM – 5 April at 6:30 pm

Hello all, Due to a scheduling mistake by yours truly, we have rescheduled our AGM to Tuesday, 5 April at 6:30 pm in room AC213. As well as electing a new slate of officers for 2016-17, we will also be ratifying a new constitution for the society. I have attached a copy of both the old one and the new one for your review. Committee roles are outlined in the attached constitution, please consider taking a move active role in your Society. Not only is it fun and challenging, it looks great on a CV too!

EGM on Monday, 29th February at 4:30pm

  Hello all, Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must elect a Secretary for the remainder of this term, which ends, according to the constitution, on 30 June. Our EGM will be held on 29 February at 4:30 pm in Meeting Room 2 in Bailey Allen Hall, which is on the balcony just above the SocsBox. Duties of the secretary include taking notes and writing up minutes of the Committee meetings (roughly once a week), corresponding through email and facebook message with speakers, members and the public, and having a lot of fun with probably the best committee on campus this year. It is important we get as much Society participation […]